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IEEE DTU Student Branch , under the aegis of IEEE Global, is the oldest student branch in Delhi Section with an illustrious history of over three decades.

Under the invaluable guidance of Dr. J. Panda, IEEE DTU has emerged as one of the most active and innovative student branches in India. IEEE DTU organizes a plethora of events around the year such as TECHWEEK, MICROHACK and the annual technical festival TROIKA to instil a scientific temperament in students and to cater to the needs of their inquisitive nature. IEEE DTU is also renowned for its publications- ECHO, a magazine for freshers, IOTA, the annual technical magazine, TRIGGER, the TROIKA souvenir, and The Troika Times. In the year 2012, one of the commendable feats of IEEE DTU Student Branch was the organizing of ISSET (International Symposium on Standards in Engineering & Technology), which provided a platform for student researchers, besides academic and professional experts, to share and exchange their ideas.

IEEE DTU student members get a chance to be in touch with the latest technical information, research and career opportunities. Not only do they take part in several events, but also get a chance to organize them with their young and capable hands. “Toil to attain thy heights”. By following this mantra with heart in work and mind in place, and feet firmly on ground, IEEE DTU is poised for a quantum leap forward.


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IEEE membership is an identity in itself. This includes invites to International conferences, journals, and year-round Seminars and Workshops. The members get special discounts on electronic devices and workshops. Competitions and contests like IEEE Xtreme are a direct opportunity to compete with the stalwarts of their fields.'s email ID gives you a sense of belongingness in the outside world and opens up a lot of opportunities.

IEEE members enjoy reduced rates on many proprietary products and services including IEEE books and eBooks, journals and articles, conferences and proceedings, standards, society memberships, and continuing education courses. In addition, members have access to a variety of affinity programs that offer savings. The IEEE Xplore Library offers a student member access to the ultimate collection of technical periodicals and conference publications at no additional cost. The latest research from 37 peer-reviewed magazines and journals, covering the whole spectrum of computing and if that wasn't enough to captivate your interest 700,000 documents from more than 300,000 content experts covering virtually every computing topic. Excited enough? Well, these were just the perks of being a member of IEEE Let's talk about the additional perks of IEEE DTU. Let's just say, it can't be expressed on a tiny page like this. But still, am gonna try.

Ever wondered to participate in Robo wars and Robo roces. Did it ever occur to you, how to build one of those drones? Worry not, we have you covered! Becoming a member invites you to be a part of the family of great minds, each a master of his own field. who, in the due course of time would become your mentors. You will also get the chance to unleash your creativity through technology and innovate beyond limits through our annual hackathon Vihaan. We work using the concept of SIGS (Special Interest Groups) and take classes for you after compus hours and help you grow. Be it the field of Al and ML, or if you want to learn Arduino, or if you have a knack for designing, be it web or 30 Modelling. You can't stop exploring that is a guarantee we provide on our behalf.

This is the only society of DTU that takes you on a trip after the success of its event. The Techfest! In the nascency of your college years, you get to manage great events, build trocks for the Robo races and wars, and that too on the beautiful OAT with moonlight shimmering down your face. Bliss! EXPLORATION, CURIOSITY, AND A DESIRE TO GROW, THAT'S ALL WE ASK.


Meet our faculty Advisors

IEEE DTU’s core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.

IEEE DTU and its members inspire a global community through it’s highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. We aim to inspire and motivate the genius, to blossom into a societal revolution.

IEEE DTU will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.

Prof. Jeebananda Panda

Branch Councellor

Prof. Rahul Kataria
Professor, Computer Engineering
Department DTU, IEEE DTU, CS chapter
faculty advisor
Prof. Rachna Garg
Chair, IEEE Delhi Section
Faculty advisor, IEEE DTU PES-IAS
Student Chapter
Dr. Sonam Rewari
Asst Professor, ECE Department
faculty advisor, IEEE DTU WIE



The IEEE Computer Society is the premier source for information, inspiration, and collaboration in Computer Science and Engineering. IEEE DTU has become affiliated to the IEEE Computer Society and has established its presence in the ever-expanding world of Computer Science. IEEE DTU Computer Society has organized many flagship events like Microhacks, IEEEXtreme, Vihaan and Bulls N' Bears.

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The Power & Energy Society (PES) provides the world's largest forum for sharing latest in technological developments in the electric power industry, for developing standards that guide the development and construction of equipment and systems, and for educating members of the industry and the general public. Members of the PES are leaders in this field, and the members gain substantial benefits.

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Women in Engineering (WIE) is a global network of IEEE members a devoted to promoting the advancement of women in science and retention of disciplines globally. The vision it holds is that of a vibrant community of women and men collectively using their diverse talents of humanity. In lieu of the certain horrific events in India, IEEE DTU WIE hosted a webinar on Workplace Environment an being none other than Dr. Sharad Kumari

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Some of the events conducted by IEEE DTU throughout the year



P.M. Foundation Fellowship – Awarded the fellowship for securing a rank among the top 10 performers in GCC among all participating candidates in the P.M Foundation Talent Search Exam and being the only 1 student to do so from Kuwait in the year.

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Sonal Bera PM fellowship Awardee

I can undoubtedly declare that the Smart India Hackathon 2020 was a life changing experience for all of us, and it could be possible only because of IEEE. It gave us the opportunity to work with excellent mentors, on actual industrial problems. Being an IEEE member provided us the required knowledge to build the full-stack proj and it also enabled us to learn and imbibe various associated skills like team bonding, management, solving the real-time issues and leadership. Each one of us worked to our full potential and the final result was indeed blissful.

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Shivam Kumar Smart India Hackathon

Selected for MITACS Globalink Research Internship at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Author image
Harshit Gupta University Offer

My journey with IEEE started in 2013 and I have been a part of IEEE for four years up until I graduated. I dabbled with a lot of things in IEEE such as programming, website designing, LFRs, Mac-Bots, publications, corporate affairs and so on. That's where I found my calling and built a career around it. Through IEEE I learnt a lot of things such as how to talk to people. I met the best set of people including seniors who inspired and guided me, my batchmates who stood with me, and juniors who looked up to me. I gained a lot of technical experience from working on IEEE projects such as Troika and other fests. But more than that, I gained friends. I gained a way to talk to people, give interviews, ask questions and make contacts, which that is something that takes you a long way in life, and IEEE was a major contributing factor in everything. I am where I am because of all my experiences as an IEEE member, being with my friends and coworkers. I really hope that a few years down the line, you all will be the ones encouraging more juniors with your journey as an IEEE member.

Author image
Shreya University of Southern California

Published paper in Springer Booklet - Computation of Hopf Bifurcation points for Magnetic Levitation System
Published in IEEE Xplore - Bifurcation Curves for Electrical DC Motors.
Awarded J.K. Pal Memorial Award, 2020 and Outstanding Student Volunteer Award, 2019 by IEEE Delhi Section Award Committee.

Author image
Aditya Verma Research Achievement

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IEEE-DTU Council

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Anirudh Sharma
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Head, Corporate Affairs

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Head, Infrastructure & Logistics

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